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Student Vote Results are IN!

The ballots have been counted, and now we know how the election would have gone if it had all been up to the students in the Student Vote. Thanks to Elections Canada and to our teachers, our entire school was able to participate. The ample space in our library allowed us to set up a polling station providing plenty of distancing while each class visited separately over two days with students from Division 3 acting as poll clerks, returning officers & candidate representatives.

It was clear that our student electorate had been learning about and preparing for the election, even with only a very short time between school opening and the day of the vote. They knew the parites, party leaders, and some of the topics from the campaign. And it was eye-opening for them to see the names on the ballots, helping many to better understand how their vote would be cast for their local representative.

After all the ballots were counted, our results would have sent the same candidate to Ottawa as the one who won the seat in the general election, but the share of the vote going to the other parties was certainly different.

Participating in Student Vote brings additional benefits beyond providing hands-on lessons in civics. Students are much more likely to participate in future elections. They also get a powerful and authentic experience that suppports their understanding of  government, politics, elections and civic duty. Students also gain confidence while strengthening critical thinking skills.

Lessons in citizenship will continue even though the election is over, and we will look forward to participating in Student Vote again for future elections,