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Douglas Road Writer Published!

Cover art, Ocean of Knowledge, by Byrne Creek grade 12 student Elizabeth Melgarejo Lazarte

Waves of Words 2019/20 Anthology cover art, Ocean of Knowledge, by Byrne Creek grade 12 student, Elizabeth Melgarejo Lazarte

Putting a piece of writing out for the world to see is more than a little intimidating. But Douglas Road grade 6 student, Yiling, was undaunted. Furthermore, she had something to say! So once she decided to submit and entry for the Words Writing Project, she got right down to work. Yiling is no procrastinator!

Despite starting promptly, so serious was she about her topic and giving it her best that she worked right up to the deadline, making revision after revision. (Take heed, writers, and put energy into revising!) Her persistence paid off, and her piece is now published online where she can make her point to readers from all over about how we need, “…to make this the pristine planet it ought to be.”

Congratulations, Yiling!

You can read Yiling’s prose and other writing from Burnaby students from kindergarten to Grade 12 in the published anthology Waves of Words. (Yiling’s writing is found on page 34 of the online PDF file.)

Check out the May 14 edition of the Burnaby Now for the sponsored full page congratulating the more than 100 student authors published this year.