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Keeping Safe at School

Our District and School staff are working carefully every day to make sure we are keeping everyone safe and following the latest protocols following the lead of our local health authority, the Ministry of Education and the Centre for Disease Control. The informative graphic below shows some of the practices that continue to be in place.

We appreciate the help of our students’ families in

  • reinforcing with your children the importance of proper hand, respiratory & personal hygiene
  • reinforcing the importance of physical distancing and modeling it yourself when you are on and around our school grounds
  • reinforcing proper use of masks, and
  • assessing your child’s health daily, keeping them home if they are ill

Please note that the daily health was recently updated, following new direction from the BC Centre for Disease Control. You can find the daily health check for students, including translations in multiple languages, here on our district website. Please use the questions there to determine if students should attend school each day.

Superintendent Gina Niccoli-Moen has also just sent a letter to families that may help with understanding the preparations we have in place in Burnaby schools. That letter has also been posted on the district website along with other updates.