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Douglas Road Students Vote Again!

For the fift time, Douglas Road students will have a chance to experience the voting process through Student Vote, the parallel election made possible by Elections Canada.

With emphasis on current district health & safety guidelines to allow each division to vote separately, every student will have the chance to complete and submit a ballot and have their vote counted. Grade 5 & 6 students from Division 3 will act as deputy voting clerks & scrutineers to monitor our  & election materials and ensure an accurate tally of the completed ballots while protecting the secrecy of the vote.

With ballots having the same candidates & parties that appear on the actual ballots in our electoral district of Burnaby South, it is always interesting to compare the student results with the regular election results on election day.

Participating in Student Vote brings additional benefits beyond providing hands-on lessons in civics. Students are much more likely to participate in future elections. They also get a powerful and authentic experience that suppports their understanding of  government, politics, elections and civic duty. Families have reported gaining increased knowledge and engagement in the political process due to their children’s participation in Student Vote. Students also gain confidence while strengthening critical thinking skills.

Have you registered to vote? Remember that advance polls are beginning September 10th with Election Day coming up soon on September 20th. Visit the Elections Canada Web site for more information at