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Moving On

We may not have been all in our gymnasium on the last Wednesday of June, but our community still managed to come together to put our usual finishing touch on the school year. With most of the grade 7 class of 2020 and several staff members present, we marked the completion of their  elementary school  career and started their transition to secondary school with a worthy send-off streamed live so that families of  our grade 7 setudents and the rest of our community could be virtually present.

Among the special presentations was the unveiling and signing of the Class of 2020’s legacy project displaying our new Firebird logo.  Now on display on the West wall of the school facing our playground, these students leave us with much more to remember and celebrate from this year than just the remarkable circumstances that shaped the spring term.

To our outgoing students, we offer our thanks, our congratulations, and our best wishes for the years ahead!